Monday, July 20, 2009

Bear no Banff

Waking up today with slightly sore legs I convinced Craig a ride to Lake Louise would possibly be a little to far. I know you are thinking 'soft' but I was really keen to head over to Banff and ride to the top of the Gondola. Apparently it is a massive climb but worth it for the views. Chris Smith joined us for the trip and we headed up to the Nordic Centre where the trail heads beside the river and on to Banff. We must have rode to the far end of the Nordic Centre where we were stopped by rangers who were ensuring no one took this path due to the bear activity in that area. We ended up staying at the Nordic Centre and managed to ride just over a lap of the teams riders track for the world champs. Apparently they have a slightly longer track and as a solo rider I get to enjoy more single track and less climbing. Just under 4hrs today with a harder ride likely tomorrow!

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