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MTBA XCM RD 2 - Easter in the Alice

26 April 2015

Stage 1 - 90km XCM RD2 Marathon

This was a tough race, but a marathon and so it should have been. I thought it was a great track and was the perfect distance for a marathon. It had a bit of everything, some climbing but nothing ridiculous, a small amount


2015 12 Hours in the Piney

23 April 2015

At this stage I have attended all of the 12 hour events out at the Piney, Armidale. Each time I raced, I have seen improvements in the track and a significant jump in entries. This race was no different with over 400 riders out on track.

Jamie Vogule and I


2015 James Williamson Enduro

23 April 2015

I have always wanted to do the Willo. I have heard great things about the course and the race itself however, it's an annual event to remember James. I had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions both through marathon events and I was there to see James


2015 Ginja Ninja

21 February 2015

I have always wanted to do the Ginja Nina at Orange. It is logistically a hard race to do from Port Macquarie with no easy flight options and an 8 hour drive without stops. When this race became part of the Evocities series, which I have committed to attend, I


2015 New Zealand 24 Hour Solo Championships

10 February 2015

This race really started from the 3pm bell at school. I had to check the bike in at the airport during my lunch break so that I could walk out onto the tarmac at the Port Macquarie airport for a 3.30pm departure. On arrival at the Sydney Domestic Terminal I


2014 24hr Solo National Championships

09 December 2014

I had taken this race off my calender as I was planning on flying out for The Munga on the same weekend. I really wanted to defend my National Title but, in order to be fresh for The Munga, I couldn't do both. I was dissapointed that The Munga got


2014 WEMBO 24hr Solo World Championships

15 October 2014


Any 24hr event takes lots of effort and preparation in the lead up. To be competitive at the world level involves a ridiculous amounts of training and sacrifice to ensure personal best performance.

I was asked how my chances were leading up in regards to my physical preparation. I


2014 Scott 24hr

15 October 2014

As I type this brief race report I am still wincing in pain as I am suffering from intersection syndrome! Looking back over the race I question how I let myself get into a situation where I am about to fly to Scotland and I'm not exactly sure if I


2014 Kowalski Classic

15 October 2014

After getting a taste of the Kowen and Sparrow trails just out of Canberra last year, I was keen to come back. Last year I kept wishing I was on a dual suspension bike, this year I went for the hardtail option knowing I need to get very familiar with


Flight Center Epic

15 October 2014

This is one of my key events for the year. It is sponsored by Advanced Traders who look after me and it attracts a huge number of riders. It's a great time of year to be racing just out of Brisbane and the weather was fantastic for the event on


2014 Mackay Mountain Marathon

24 August 2014

After a few things lined up I was thankfully able to make the trip to Mackay for their Mountain Marathon. This event has an unusual prize setup with the winner basically taking all. This event has more prize money on offer for the winner than any other race I have