Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big K Country

Today was a visit to the “Big K Country” and it didn’t disappoint. A 2 hour ride with 2 massive uphills and 2 massive downhills. The first downhill reminded me of something like Stromlo, mostly smooth and heaps of rocks to dodge except it was 10 times longer than anything there! The second downhill was quite rooty and we convinced both the other riders with us that they should be installing a Stan’s tubeless conversion kit after they both got pinch flats even when running over 40psi! The picture here shows off the view at the top of the second climb. I’m impressed by the amount of people out riding, even out in areas out of town.

In the afternoon Jen came out for a bear hunt around Canmore, all we found were white tail deer and elk. She was a little too scared to get a pic!

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