Monday, March 1, 2010

Mountains To Beach Stage 3 - Lake Crackenback

Going into stage 3 all I needed to do was keep an eye on 2nd and 3rd place and make sure I dont finish too far behind these guys.

The race started at a pretty good pace, I had a bit of an attack off the front but thought I should save my legs and sat back in the top group of 5 or 6 riders and let them set the pace. The track was quite windy and bumpy which meant you had to pedal almost all the time. There was no real advantage in drafting, maybe for only 10% of the lap but I was once again happy to sit in and let the boys set the pace.

The track was 2 laps of the Crackenback resort mtb loop which had quite a few fun sections. At the pace we were going there wasn't much time for fun and we averaged a faster time around this track then what I did down the downhill.

Coming across the line I was in the top group of 4 and finished 2 seconds behind Andy Blair giving me a 1.08 lead into day 2.

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