Monday, March 1, 2010

Mountains To Beach Stage 1 - Thredbo

Stage 1 - Stage 1 started with a chairlift ride to the start of the mountain and a apparent temperature of -2.6. This race was a pure time trial. Each rider started off in 20 second intervals with a reverse seeding from last year. I started off last and I was keen to try and catch up to some of the fast boys in front. Andy Blair was 20 seconds in front and I couldn't see he after he launched out of the start gate. I started off a little nervous on the new bike particularly after not riding a hardtail for a few months but after a few corner my confidence was building. The track started out on firetrail and was really fast. It then ducked into a section of grass switchbacks that were super slippery before hitting some of the downhill track before heading out on the national xc track. This year had more climbing that last year and I was pretty keen to ride these sections hard. When I got to the National xc track I ran into a bit of traffic but got past these riders and could see Dennis and Andy just up the road. Dennis got a flat as I went past him and I caught Andy on the last big climb. I rode past him and I didn't real think about saving anything for the afternoon race. I was looking forward to the last section around the golf course and I had a pretty clean run where the bike felt pretty fast.

When the results were printed I found out I won this stage 1.09 faster than second place and third place was another 30-40 seconds later...

Now just to see if my legs can back up!

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