Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sydney Fat Tyre Festival

I was looking forward to this race in a strange kind of way. The chance to race Gordo and ride around some awesome sweet trails. When we arrived at the track on the Saturday I lost a fair bit of enthusiasm as the temperature was ridiculous. I made a huge effort to drink heaps of fluid but wasn't too confident on how well I would be able to tent it up in the heat.

The race started with a dash for cash and I wasn't really too interested in busting myself for this. I started on the hard tail at a more sustainable pace and was happy with my comfortable first lap. In the second lap Nick Both charged off and set the fastest lap of the day. I increased the pace slightly during lap three and we caught back up to Nick. During the next lap my over-hydrating was taking its toll and I had to stop for a quick nature break. Gordo saw the opportunity and away he went. I wound the pace up a little and was pulling him back at times but a few uncoordinated transitions (on my behalf) and the increasing temperature gave me good reason to take it easier, jump on the dually, look after myself and most importantly have some fun.

This is a fantastic track on the dually, there are sections where you just hold on and trust the bike to soak up all the bumps with a grin from ear to ear. I started to take 2 drink bottles each lap, one of ice water to pour over my head and one to drink down at the start of the lap before it could heat up. I was quite happy the race was shortened to 6hrs as the temp hit 43deg. My legs enjoyed the extra rest required for the Kona 24hr the week after...

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