Saturday, July 25, 2009

World Championships Tomorrow!

Today was spent carbohydrate loading, getting rego packs, jumping in front of cameras and bludging in the hot tub!

The bikes are sorted and look great thanks Craig. We have bike stuff all over our little place in preparation for the move out to the race track early tomorrow morning.

If you are interested in following the race, it starts 4am Sunday Australian time.
The links worth checking out are:


  1. May the Force be with You Jase,

    Bring home the bacon mate!


  2. All the best Jason and Jennii wish we were there with you. M&D

  3. Bacon it is, nice work mate,


  4. Hey Jason,
    Congratulations! Number 1 in the world. Well done mate. Surely you'll get your mug in the Daily Tele now! ;)
    All the best from Sharon and myself.
    Ian Johnson.

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