Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 ride Tuesday

Another 2 rides today. Ride 1 was a cruisy ride up behind the Silvertip Golf Course. A fun little track with some challenging creek crossings and technical downhills with some rewarding flowy sections.

The second ride was a night ride around the race track. We had 2 cans of bear spray with us as apparently the things like to eat after the sun goes down. There is a challenging section in the track called the coal chute that we were pretty keen to see in the dark. Its condition has already deteriorated with people practicing it. I think it will be pretty messed up during the race. The picture here is at the end of the ride featuring Chris Smith, Craig Armour and 2 silly riders who left their helmet lights on for the timed photo....


  1. coal shoots are out of the course! it would have been mayhem

  2. Thanks, we had a look again today and I dont think it is a bad move to take it out!

  3. Black on Black made riding it at night interesting that's for sure!