Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Croc Trophy Stage 1

After doing the Scott 24hr last weekend I had a very easy week of riding in preparation for the Croc Trophy. The Croc Trophy is a 1000km 9 day stage race. Riders are mostly European roadies with quite a few riding professionally. They only way I could do this race is with the support of the Corry Cycles / RUOK team and with an entry from Rocky Trail Entertainment.

Stage 1 was 30km xc race. I cant recall the last time  I have been in a serious race shorter than marathon distance. I knew 30km would hurt and with a massive stage 2 it was a balancing act between going to hard and loosing important time.

The race started with almost 150 riders lined up 200m before the first single track. I managed to sneak into the first single track in 15th position. During the first lap I slowly moved past riders and came through in 5th place. I was quite happy to be sitting behind the rider with the no.1 plate however as I was faster on the single track moved into 4th position behind the no.2 plated rider with 3 laps to go. At the start of the last lap I moved into 3rd position with 4th place on my wheel. I increased the pace however, he managed to sneak past me on the last chance to overtake before the final single track. 30 seconds later he lost his front wheel and left his bike on the course for me to crash into. I took his handle bar to my ribs and the bikes were left completely tangled. He then proceeded to ensure he was back on the bike first in front of me but had to stop to readjust his bike leaving me an easy pedal to the finish for 3rd. Quite likely my only podium position in the Croc...

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  1. U got a real taste of euro racing their. I'm sorry to hear that this was ur only stage mate.