Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stage 5 - Ingkeereke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro, Alice Springs

Stage 5 was the 22km time trial. Perfect for the xc rider, such as Aido and Andy. I started off second last as I was in second place going into this stage. Andy started 30 seconds behind me and it only took him a couple of minutes to catch me. He was flying. I increased my pace to stay with him however, after 10mins I managed to hit my pedal on a rock which saw my lying some meters from my bike fully winded. I cant remember the last time I have been winded, it isn't fun when your heart rate is over 180bpm! By the time I got back on the bike I had lost a bit of drive and it took a while before I managed to increase the pace again. I managed to get past a few riders who had started in front of me however, every time I got a glimpse of Andy he was putting more time into me. Coming across the line I was over a minute behind both Andy and Aido. By the time you add the time bonuses they receive Ill almost be 2 mins behind overall. I think the boys have just been playing with me all week. They are strong! Hopefully I wont finish too far behind in tonight's night stage.

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