Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stage 3 - Ingkeereke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro, Alice Springs

I really wasn't looking forward to the hill climb stage. I had looked up my time from last year at 49 seconds and I wasn't planning on going as hard. This hill stage is a good chance to destroy your legs for the rest of the week.

The course is a 300m climb that isn't really steep, but requires you to punch the pedals quite hard to maintain any speed. I was just keen to be consistent rather than going hard at the start and having nothing left at the top. This was the plan, and that pretty much what happened. In the end I think I may have lost around 5 seconds to Andy and about 16 seconds from Aiden who got a 10 second bonus from getting second overall. 54 seconds was also slower than Billy Sewell who was quicker than me on this stage!

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