Friday, May 14, 2010

Stage 6 Red Centre Mountain Bike Enduro

Stage 6 was the same track as earlier in the day except it was starting in the dark. I was pretty keen for the night stage and I though I should be able to do pretty well with my crazy bright NiteRider lights. The race started at a silly fast pace and I was happy to sit back and let other people do the pace setting. I got into 3rd place by the single track behind Andrew Fellows and Ben Randall and I had the plan on just following them in to the finish. About a quarter of the way through the stage I tried to slide my battery pack up a little higher on my top tube and managed to eject the battery! I rode the rest of the stage with just my helmet light which was ok but not quite as fast. The boys on their duallies started to put a bit of time on me down the hills but when we got to the lower sandy sections I was having a shocker. I was sliding out, unclipping having to get back on etc. In the end, the two boys working together were smashing the pace. These guys are strong. I ended up finishing about a minute down on Andy Fellow and about a minute or two up on AJ extending my lead a little further.

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