Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pivot 12 Hour

The Pivot 12 hour ran by the Port Macquarie mountain bike club is an event I am always hanging out for. The event is usually a few weeks before the 24hr Solo Nationals and this year it was 2 weeks before. I was really keen to try out my new 1200 lights and get the setup perfect on the Pivot duallies.

I had some Continental tyres to play with and their light weight Supersonic tyres took 500g off my bike weight and I was racing on a 10.2kg complete dual suspension Pivot!

The race started at midnight and I managed to sneak in a couple of hours sleep before heading out to the track. The race started quite fast and I managed to stay with the top riders from the gun. I was pretty keen to race all the teams as there were a few hundred dollars on for the overall race leader. There were a few fast riders there including World 24hr age group champion Sean Bekkers so I knew there wouldn't be an easy race in solo. Tim Wynan was also going to be a top contender considering his consistent improvement.

There must have been a group of four of us that stayed together for the first half of the race then I ended up riding by myself. My aim was to maintain around 30 minute laps so I could sneak out for 25 laps. I was thinking the laps were around 10km so I was hoping I would come close to hitting the 250km.

With three laps to go Billy Sewell had the fastest lap and the commentators and other students from my school were hassling me about not having the fastest lap so my second last lap was a fast one and my last lap was a nice cool down.

I couldn't have done it without my awesome support. Especially Jen who gave up her race to pass me food!


  1. Well done on both the 12hr and solo nationals


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