Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mountains To Beach Day 4 - Big Day Out

Day 4 started with a lap around the Cooma horse racing course. There was a prize on this lap that went to Port Macquarie rider Greg Porter. Following the race course was a 90km race. After the lap around the race course the pace really dropped off. We had a group of around 20 riders that stayed together up to the first significant climb around 30km into the race. At the point Andy Blair rode off and I decided to let him go and wait for Andy Fellows and about another 5 riders that were around 100m away. I thought we would be able to work together to catch Andy Blair but in the end it was just me and Andy Fellows doing turns. At about the 45km mark I was having to wait for the other riders up the hills so I decided to ride off by myself and try and minimize the time that Andy was putting into me. I didn't think I would catch him, but with about 10km to go I could see him up in the distance. As I rode past him I thought he would have sat on the back and tried to keep with me up the final 3.5km climb however a quick glance over my shoulder and I was riding by myself. With a final 5km to go I knocked it up a few gears and put the power down to the line. I think I finished just over a minute in front of Andy Blair extending my lead to just under 10 mins with 1 stage to go...

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