Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Nordic Centre

The 24hr World Championships are being held at the Nordic Centre here in Canmore and today both my tour guides took me riding around this venue. It does have some cool trails. I am hoping this year they avoid the ridiculously rooty trails and give us some smooth fast flowy stuff!

Ride 1 was with Darren Freeman(pictured) who has been a local in Canmore for over 10 years after moving from Port Macquarie. He took me on some awesome trails both in and around the Nordic Centre. I'm keen to head back again tomorrow. Bring on the sunshine!

Ride 2 was a shop ride with Rebound Cycles. These guys took us straight up to the Nordic Centre and took us around another sweet loop. I think I was enjoying it a little too much and have been applying ice all night as a result. Hopefully the leg will be fine for a big day tomorrow. I might even try and sneak into a roadie training session on the mtb...


  1. hope you are having a great trip! and I hope the ice helped - the roots tend to bite us all at some point! great to ride with you guys the other night. I'll see you on the course next week! best of luck - natalie

  2. Thanks Natalie, it great to have people take us around the local trails. Be sure to say g'day to Craig as he will be pitting for me!

  3. will do - I guess I better read up and practise my aussie speak before then :)