Monday, July 13, 2009

In Canada

Well there is only 2 weeks now to the 24hr Solo World Championships, my goal between now and then is to post a pic and a few words each day about where I am riding.

Today was awsome, we arrived in Canmore and with limited sleep I hit up some of the sweetest trails this little town has to offer. I think we got about 3hr in, which is pretty good for a rest day. It's all about riding for fun now!

Check out this cool log ride. I'll try and find some north shore stuff in the next few days. There are some really dedicated trails builders around this area and they do a great job!


  1. Great to hear from you in Canada. We liked the log picture, we hope that you have a fantastic time over the next few days leadng up to the race. What's the weather like? Mum & Dad

  2. It was great this day (Monday) and has been raining today and yesterday. Should be a good day tomorrow!